A good photo is definitely a good memory. Since we all like to cherish our good memories, we get the photos printed and then have them in an album, or else frame them out. In here, the album or the frame that you choose to have this valuable photo in should be valuable too. Not in terms of money, but in terms of the classiness. So, in this article, we will fully discuss about making the right decision about getting your favorite photos framed. Selecting a good frame has some basics. And, the most important basic is knowing which type to use as the frame.A frame can either be metal, wood, black or white. photo framing using either type is totally dependent on your desire, and you can always get the advises from the studio as to what matches your picture the best, and also about their cost comparisons. 

Wooden frame

Generally, the most common type of the frame is the wooden frame, this can easily match with the modern or rustic home concepts today. Experts say that, with wooden frames you can have more contrast on your photo and the colors often can range from light to dark based on the type of wood used. Mahogany and walnut woods produce darker shades for frames while, oak, pine and ash produce lighter shades as long as the wooden frames are concerned.

Black or white picture frame

With this type, you can always go to a custom framing. This is ideal for black and white photos and by this type of a photo frame, you can always expect a formal look. Black frames generally have an elegant look and white ones always touch a sense of casualness and an electric nature. Experts say that the black will highlight the darker features present in the photo, while the white frames also tend to highlight the darkness in them. Thus, here in using these frames, having the right balance is important.

Metallic picture frames

The metallic frames tend to give a modern, trendy vibe to the photo as well as the wall it is hung. If the photo that you are framing is a portrait or a landscape, it is always ideal to use a metallic frame than a wooden one or a black/white one. These types of frames lift the colors of the framed photo up and this makes the photo to be more eye catching and vibrant when someone sees it for the first time. This is the reason why most wedding photos, family photos and landscapes are framed in metal since so long.

A Good Photo Deserves A Good Finish

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