After the introduction of technology and development things are now pretty easy for all of us no? Because now we don’t need to dream of anything, everything is there and everything can be done one just needs to understand what one wants and act accordingly. Moreover things are expensive in the same way, the more specs you add the more expensive it gets. Talking about garage doors and talking about expensive things bring us to the topic of merlin garage door mechanism, yes the next level automatized garage gates which allows the movement (open and shut) of the garage door easier. For those who are new to this name “Merlin” this is a brand of garage door openers, certainly an expensive and a durable one hence there are some basic dos and don’ts which one has to consider when going for merlin door opener. So let’s roll:

Size: majorly when people complain about the merlin not working is, when they don’t consider the size of the door the actually allowable height of the door for merlin is 4.0 m with the area of that curtain equals to 11.0 m2 and the weight varies from 95kg to 100kg. (Depends on the material of the door). Overall the edge of the curtain must be near the drum of the roller.

The spring: spring of the door matters a lot, the one we have to use the merlin requires the suspension of the coil which must hold the overall weight of the garage gate, in order to know and test the power of the spring coil one should lift the gate up and then release it. The best coil must allow the gate to move down slowly (like in a steady motion). If it doesn’t helps the gate to suspend for a while, then it is required to increase the coil power (buy a large spring so that it may survive the weight of the garage gate).

Opener: this is a bit technical for merlin garage door auto opener, that if the opener is on the left hand side than the wire and the jumper of the wire must be eliminated whereas if the client is planning to install the opener on the right side of the door than it can used the way it is, factory fitted.

Nuts, bolts and pop-rivets: in order to hold the curtain one has to select the bolts, nuts and pop rivets wisely, random bolts and nuts won’t help the curtain to stabilize there are some special techniques brands and cuts in order to work with Merlin garage door opener.

Choose the Merlin garage door opener and make the life easier, the garage door will surely go up like a curtain.

It’s Not Just A Garage Door Opener It’s Merlin

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